With Budgety, you can set a customized budget to track your expenses, meet your financial goals, and pay off debt.

Budgety allows you to securely import your bank account transactions, set a budget for each spending category, and track your spending over time. Budgety uses a zero-based budgeting technique to help you be more mindful about each dollar spent.

Using zero-based budgeting, Budgety helps you achieve your spending goals and budget for the future, whether that's paying off debt, saving for college, or just knowing where your money is going. Learn more about zero-based budgeting here!

With Budgety, you can:

  • Securely import transactions from your bank and credit card accounts

  • Auto-categorize your transactions

  • Customize your budget categories to match your spending habits and needs

  • Set a monthly budget for each category

  • Set goals and track your progress toward meeting them

  • Easily see where your spending puts you over- or under-budget

  • See reports of your spending over time

  • Access your account from iOS and Android

  • Use your budget to save money and reach your financial goals!

What are you waiting for? Register now for your free Budgety account and start achieving your financial goals today!

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